Sexual Conduct

Nudity, Pornography and other Sexual Content

We restrict content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature and are committed to ensuring that is not used for sexual exploitation or violence. To provide more clarity around these policies and how we review reports of such content or activity, we’ve provided additional details to complement our Community Guidelines in the sections below.

While we understand that some nudity or sexual content might be intended for educational, scientific, artistic, newsworthy, or academic purposes, we restrict this content due to the diversity in age and cultural backgrounds of our global community. We may, in limited educational and artistic contexts, make pre-approved exceptions to these policies. Going forward, will continue working on ways to safely support nudity and sexual content in these particular contexts.

  • Sexual Violence and Exploitation
  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Sexually Suggestive Content
  • Nudity and Attire
  • Nudity and Sexual Content in Embedded Media and Games
  • Additional Restrictions
  • Reporting Sexual Content Violations
  • FAQ

Sexual Violence and Exploitation

Sexual violence and exploitation are strictly prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual assault and molestation, or content that encourages or promotes it
  • Content containing a person in a state of nudity or engaged in sexual acts
  • Sharing or threatening to share sexually suggestive or explicit content (audio or visual) without permission of the person depicted, including revenge porn.
  • Unsolicited offers, solicitation, demands, bribes, or blackmail for sexual content and services
  • Sexual services, including prostitution, escort services, sexual massages, and filmed sexual activity
  • Any nudity, sexual content, sexual violence, or sexual exploitation that involves minors, appears to involve minors, or depictions of minors, or content that encourages or promotes pedophilia

Sexually Explicit Content

Sexually explicit content and activities, such as pornography, sexual acts, and sexual services, including solicitation and offers for such content, are prohibited.

Broadcasting in areas where nudity or sexual activity may be taking place, even if such conduct or activity is not at the direction of the broadcaster or takes place in the background of the broadcast, is prohibited.

Sexually Suggestive Content

To maintain the health of our community and promote content that is appropriate for a diverse audience, sexually suggestive content is prohibited on Evaluations on the sexual suggestiveness of a behavior or activity are independent of user attire and are instead based on the overall surrounding framing and context. This policy also applies to embedded media, augmented reality, creative broadcasts, and channel content—such as banners, profile images, emotes, and panels—that are focused on provocative images or video.

Content that is considered to be sexually suggestive includes, but is not limited to:

  • Content or camera focus on breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these elements
  • Groping or explicit gestures directed towards breasts, buttocks, or genitals
  • Fetishizing behavior or activity, such as focusing on body parts for sexual gratification or erotic role play
  • Simulated sex acts or sexual stimulation
  • Using or featuring sex toys in contexts unrelated to sexual education
  • Erotic dances, such as those involving stripping or flashing
  • Pole dances or acrobatics with sexually suggestive framing 
  • Posting, displaying, or sharing erotica, including detailed descriptions of sex acts or pornography

Nudity and Attire

Our goal is to set standards that allow you to elevate your content and express yourself in a variety of ways, without exposing our global, diverse community to inappropriate content. We aim to be transparent around our standards and expectations–both in general and specific contextual exceptions–to empower your creative expression and boost your confidence with a clear understanding of our guidelines. The list of contextual exceptions, outlined below, is not exhaustive and will continue to evolve as our community grows. If you find yourself in a situation that is not described by an exception, then we expect you to follow the standard guidelines.

Standard guidelines 

We don’t permit streamers to be fully or partially nude, including exposing genitals or buttocks. We do not permit the visible outline of genitals, even when covered. Broadcasting nude or partially nude minors is always prohibited, regardless of context.

For those who present as women, we ask that you cover your nipples. We do not permit exposed underbust. Cleavage is unrestricted as long as these coverage requirements are met. 

For all streamers, you must cover the area extending from your hips to the bottom of your pelvis and buttocks. 

For those areas of the body where coverage is required, the coverage must be fully opaque; sheer or partially see-through clothing does not constitute coverage.

Augmented reality avatars that translate real-life movement into digital characters are subject to this standard, as is cosplay and other costumes. For details on how this policy applies to IRL, outdoors, and body art, please continue reading. 

Contextual exceptions

  • IRL streaming
  • Broadcasters, their co-hosts, and invited guests engaging in general IRL streaming outside the home must follow standard body-coverage expectations. Those passing through the background of your stream are not held to the same dress code requirement, but broadcasting nudity is not permitted regardless of context. If accidental nudity appears on your stream, we expect you to take immediate action, remove the content, and take precautionary steps so it won’t happen again. You should not focus your stream on anyone violating our clothing or sexual content standards; you will be held accountable for doing so to the same extent as if you were violating the standards yourself. 
  • Swim and beaches, concerts and festivals
  • Swimwear is permitted as long as it completely covers the genitals, and those who present as women must also cover their nipples. Full coverage of buttocks is not required, but camera focus around them is still subject to our sexually suggestive content policy. Coverage must be fully opaque, even when wet. Sheer or partially see-through swimwear or other clothing does not constitute coverage.
  • Body Art
  • For streams dedicated to body art, full chest coverage is not required, but those who present as women must completely cover their nipples & areola with a layer of non-transparent clothing or a paint & latex combination (artist-grade pasties, tape, latex or similar alternatives are acceptable). This coverage must be applied before streaming begins, not on-stream. Buttocks and genitals must also be fully covered by opaque attire. This exception to the general coverage requirements only applies while the streamer is actively engaged in body painting, though the streamer may take short breaks between active painting sessions, or when painting is complete to model the results.
  • Context transitions
  • Streamers are given some leeway for making transitions between contexts with different limits of acceptable attire (e.g., beach to general outdoor IRL streaming). In these situations, streamers are expected to only spend as much time wearing insufficient attire as needed to add clothing or change offscreen into clothing with appropriate coverage for the new context.
  • Additional exceptions
  • The standard chest coverage requirements outlined above do not apply to individuals actively breastfeeding a child on stream. 

Nudity and Sexual Content in Embedded Media and Games

Embedded Media

In embedded media, such as videos and images, nudity and pornography are prohibited. In some situations, we may make exceptions on and operated channels for content that is rated by a ratings body or otherwise pre-screened by 

Additional Restrictions

Conversations about sex, nudity, and other mature topics that are intended to be educational and otherwise comply with our policies should be marked as Mature Content via the respective channel’s settings.

Reporting Sexual Content Violations

If you come across any content or user(s) on that you feel violates our Community Guidelines, we ask that you report the content and/or user(s) in question to our moderation team for review.


I accidentally showed content that was sexually explicit. Will my account be suspended?

As owner of your account, it’s entirely your responsibility to ensure that anything shared on your account abides by’s Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Guidelines (CG). If you are unsure if a link, photo, video, or other content in your broadcast breaks these, we suggest that you review it privately before airing it on your broadcast. Content that breaks ToS or CG, whether shown accidentally or on purpose, can be reported and moderation may take appropriate action on that content, including removing the content and issuing a suspension on your account. Given the nature of live content, we expect you to take proper precautions; even one incident may warrant action.