Live Streaming

Concert Live Streaming Improves But. . .

A lot of financial resources have been put into live streaming concerts, and while the technology and expertise has improved, so have its costs. Except for a few super high-end exceptions like BTS, most artists find that it’s a break-even proposition at best. Fans find that it doesn’t replace the real concert experience and is generally unsatisfying, although true fans continue to support the acts they love. It’s great when there’s no alternative, but no one has yet to crack the code to make it a true side-by-side experience with live concerts.

-Forbes 12/27/2020

Here at Party Bands we feel “thankfully” nothing will ever replace the live concert experience. We do however believe that live streaming is a great way for musicians to connect with their audiences. We want to help foster the relationship between music artists and their followers. Accordingly, we are offering a unique service to the “band-for -hire” platform by offering Live Streaming!

When a band signs up, in addition to being linked to their website, they will have access to our very own Zoom Meeting Page. What does that mean? It means you’ll be able to host meetings, jams, rehearsals, concerts, right here on If you’re playing originals rest assured any audio attendees record directly will be watermarked. You’ll know who recorded it.

Upon request, you’ll be given access to your very own page to invite (passworded or non passworded) people to meet. First, set up the band, take the sound from the mixing board into an audio interface, into your MacBook Pro or another laptop, and utilize the computer’s audio system sound through our Zoom Meeting feature. Record the audio and listen back to it making small adjustments until you are happy with the sound. Be sure to leave plenty of headroom to avoid distortion. Who knows what the future holds for live streaming? Currently, live streaming as a bi-product of the pandemic is of keen interest and so we are making it available to you. We are also setting up “ticketing” as well so if you wish, you’ll be able to charge a fee for the live events you wish to present.

Cellphone cameras are pretty amazing these days so the visual should be awesome. You’ll just need to experiment a little to be sure you have the video an audio in sync and the sound just right. The drums are the trickiest part of the equation. You may want to use an overhead mic and a kick drum mic to start with. A clear plexiglass divider certainly wouldn’t hurt either for greater control mixing. Like I said, you’ll want to experiment. If it seals the deal (deposit taken via Paypal) for a gig, it’s worth the effort.

If you wish we will post your event on our Event Calendar so that people can stop by and check out your event and maybe they’ll want to hire you, buy an album, tee-shirt, etc… You have the ability to set up recurring events so your audience may grow from week-to-week.

Currently we can only handle 100 guests max. for the “meeting” environment. If the service grows we will expand to the “webinar” environment and be able to accommodate an unlimited number guests. There is a catch though. As a meeting environment, host and guests can converse back and forth. In the webinar environment, guests can only observe. There is no back-and-forth communication.

There you go! Sign up now to take advantage of the live streaming service. Give the link to friends so they can join you here at where we love musicians, bands, party planners, gigs, live concerts, everything music!