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What kind of party are you throwing? Is it a banquet, birthday party, surprise party, dinner party (my personal favorite), garden party, the cocktail party (a close #2 for me), tea party, reception, soirées, dance or ball (great for fundraising), block party, costume or fancy dress party, Christmas caroling party, party for teenagers and young adults, pool party, singles dance party, and mixer, fundraising party, graduation party, marriage-related party, showers, housewarming party, welcome party, farewell party, cast party, pre-party, or an after-party? Once you define the reason for the party (not that one needs a reason to party) the size of the band is easier to narrow down. Usually the larger the size of the audience, the larger the band. Many bands can balloon to be 20-30% larger just by adding horns or even larger by adding background singers. Find A Band Now!

At Party Bands we’ve comprised a list of cover bands in almost every state to help you tackle the job one band at a time. Settling for a near me results via a search engine limits your options big time. Especially considering some bands will drive 500 miles or more to perform. Why settle for less?

Your chances of finding the best band for your event increases dramatically once you’ve seen the complete picture of what the market, not just the region, has to offer. There’s a lot of great cover bands out there. I know, because I personally visited every website on I did not discriminate because of style or genre. You’ll know instantly if you don’t like them and move on down the list. Find A Band Now!

-Candido Bretto,